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About Us

Jayavedik Incorp is a blend of passion, technology and an urge for inventing newer ways to take pad printing to next generation.

The main objective of Jayavedik Incorp is to address the technical problems faced by the current pad printing customers, to educate them in fully utilizing the technology, to provide assistance on the usages and to provide the right pad printing equipment for the industry.

The brand PADPRO™ was found by Jayavedik Incorp. Jayavedik Incorp is headed by the pad-printing user for almost 10 years who himself is a pad printing technician and who makes pad-printing machines for the different industries and different substrates. PADPRO™ was invented specifically to address the pad printing solutions for the fashion and apparel industry.

PADPRO™ pad printing machines are designed and manufactured by analyzing the difficulties faced by the industry which were then conciously observes by our team who is an expertise for more than two decades in the same industry. Being a maestro in the machine making as well as an end user with years of practical experience, the developers created the machine that can rectify and overcome the past complications which accompanies the process.

Jayavedik Incorp can provide everything you need for pad printing: like machines, technical support and services and auxiliary devices such consumables: inks from the brand VISPROX marketed under Epta Inks, Italy, pads, photopolymer, steel plates and design engraved cliché, that our specialized department prepares for you with the utmost care and expertise.

Overall, Jayavedik Incorp is a one-stop solution for your entire pad printing needs.